Contact: PIANZEA Secretariat
phone: +61 2 6271 4432

PIANZEA - Pacific Electoral Administrators and Pacific Elections

The PIANZEA Generic Voter Registration System (GVRS) is a software package designed to support most Voter Registration system requirements of small country Electoral Management Bodies (EMB). The software is structured so that additional EMB specific requirements can be met with minimal cost and risk through a mixture user configuration, system configuration and targeted software customisation.

GVRS standard functionality summary
  • User access control – GVRS enables control of user access to levels of functionality and geographic areas,

  • Deployment options - GVRS can be deployed as multi or single user installations. Internet cloud hosted options can also be supported,

  • Data types and fields – Common voter registration data fields and scope for customising country specific data fields are supported. Image data (photo, signature, fingerprint, document) and biometric data are supported,

  • Data auditing – all data changes are audited (a copy of the original values and a record of who made the change is stored in the database),

  • Region management – an intuitive tool to add, delete, change and move elements of the hierarchical electoral administrative structure of the country is built into GVRS (eg Provinces, States, Constituencies, Wards, Villages ect),

  • Elector management – full add, delete, change and move Elector capability is provided. A Country specific version of the elector management form will generally be built to match the requirements for particular countries,

  • Reporting – a standard set of reports is provided (duplicate elector, provisional elector, deleted elector, demographic counts, signature lists, master lists, photo voter list). Extra country specific reports are often provided. 

GVRS functionality options summary
  • Registration number options – Internally generated ID numbers in a range of formats, manually entered ID numbers or a combination of the two can be supported,

  • ID card options – Functionality to print photo ID cards from within GVRS can be enabled. This capability uses card print and card format maintenance functionality that is included in several widely used ID card software packages. Options such as dual sided printing with a range of data types, image types and security measures can be supported,

  • Biometric options – Support for biometric data capture and storage is built into the GVRS data model and code base. Activating it involves acquiring the necessary third party product licenses and hardware and then deploying GVRS installations that have the biometric option enabled.  Biometric identification is available in GVRS. Bulk de duplication using the collected biometric data can be accomplished as an outsourced service, using pre built equipment or by developing a system that includes licensed software products. 

GVRS technology stack overview  
  • MS SQL server 2012 (Express) - required,

  • MS Visual Studio 2010 – required for software development,

  • MS .net 4.5 (c#, winforms, MS reporting services) - required for software development,

  • Codesmith Generator – may not be required,

  • Infragistics Ultratoolbars – required to create builds and to maintain some components.