PIANZEA - Pacific Electoral Administrators and Pacific Elections



Under the PIANZEA program, there are funds provided for up to four-week PIANZEA Knowledge Exchange Placements (PKEPs) in 2014 and 2015. Through PKEPs, EMBs in the PIANZEA network will exchange knowledge with other EMBs in a targeted manner. By participating in PKEPs, EMB staff will exchange knowledge for the sole purpose of building the capacity and efficiency of their organisations.


 The objectives of PKEPs are:

  • to give visiting organization PKEP participants an opportunity to supplement their electoral knowledge with practical experience in the day-to-day work and functions of another Pacific Island electoral body.
  • to enable Pacific Island electoral bodies to share and expand ideas and knowledge about the electoral process
  • to cultivate, maintain and strengthen relationships amongst Pacific Island EMBs
  • to encourage a culture of shared learning experiences between Pacific Island electoral officers for reciprocal knowledge enhancement.



Mentor/Host EMB

The Mentor and/or Host EMB is responsible for coordinating and supervising the KEP program. The Mentor and/or Host EMB is expected to:

  • Provide meaningful learning experiences for visiting EMB participants by developing appropriate job descriptions, project assignments and training opportunities
  • Serve as a liaison and contact point for visiting EMB participants and the visiting EMB
  • Provide assistance to the visiting organisation KEP participant (as required) to facilitate visa applications, international and domestic travel, and domestic accommodation
  • Assist visiting EMB participants to understand Host EMB policies and requirements
  • Ensure visiting EMB participants are included in all aspects of the workplace environment
  • Ensure visiting EMB participants are provided with appropriate IT system access for their assignments.
  • Jointly develop a Change Management Plan with the visiting EMB
  • Monitor and resolve issues during the PKEP process
  • Provide on-call general administration and appropriate assistance in dealing with personal, social, legal or other problems that visiting electoral officers may encounter during their work placement
  • Complete a PKEP Report upon completion of the exchange

Visiting organisation EMB participant/Visiting EMB

  • Speak and write English or the Host EMB language to a standard which enables the participant to communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Prepare for the work placement ie: via pre-departure briefings, travel preparations etc.
  • Contribute to the development of learning outcomes consistent with the KEP goals by completing the Change Management Plan
  • Maintain regular contact with the mentor and Host EMB
  • Behave in a professional manner as a representative of both the visiting and Host EMB
  • Actively participate in the program and work to resolve issues with the Mentor and Host EMB
  • Liaise with and report to the Mentor and Host EMB.
  • Contribute to the development of learning outcomes consistent with the Change Management Plan.
  • Complete a visiting PKEP Report upon completion of the exchange


  • KEP participants will continue to be paid by their EMB while on work placement. PIANZEA will not be in a position to cover salary costs.
  • PIANZEA Secretariat is able to fund the following costs associated with the KEP:

o Return airfares

o Airport transfers

o Host country visas

o In-transit visas

o Travel allowance (per day/per person)

o Accommodation

o Work related internet/phone costs

o Procurement of work-related items such as stationery, computer accessories 

  • While visa costs are reimbursable, it is the responsibility of applicants to apply for visas to the Host Country with the assistance of the Mentor/Host Country.