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  • Obligations:
    As set out in the Electoral Commission Act 2010, the principal roles of the Commission include:
    (a) undertake the long term planning for the proper conduct of elections and the establishment and maintenance of proper records and rolls;
    (b) consider the need for regulations and other rules for the proper and efficient conduct of elections and related activities;
    (c) as authorised by law, make and amend regulations and keep them under review;
    (d) make recommendations for changes to the law concerning elections;
    (e) under the powers granted to it in the Electoral Act, determine appeals, challenges and any other disputes;
    (f) recommend prosecution for election offences;
    (g) devise, undertake and review programmes of education for voters, candidates and others involved in elections;
    (h) compile and make reports on elections and related matters, and recommend changes to the law and procedures to improve the electoral system;
    (i) publish for general information such data and reports on elections as the Commission thinks fit;
    (j) within 3 months after any general election, report to the Cabinet on any changes that it recommends should be implemented before the next general election;
    (k) for the purpose of promoting fairness and equal opportunities for all candidates and to prevent abuses, to regulate the use of radio, television, newspaper, internet and other political notices, reports, appeals and advertising during the election period;
    (l) regulate and monitor electoral expenditure by candidates in accordance with section 24 of the Electoral Act; and
    (m) perform any of the functions that are specified for it in the Electoral Act or any other Act.
    Leadership: Mr. Pita Vuki, Electoral Commissioner
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